Guest Table

Guest Table

The guest table of our gîte Ardèche: History
At the very beginning of our bed and breakfast activity and for the first five years we did not consider offering dinner to our guests.
But in 2005, at their request (with a lack of restaurants nearby) we decided. We then tried this “culinary adventure” and took a liking to it. This page is dedicated to this activity.
Our products (the vast majority organic or from responsible agriculture).
They come from local markets and often even directly from producers…
And we adapt them according to the desires and the seasons. Exotic or local, all these recipes have in common only our pleasure in making them.

A dish from the guest table of our gîte Ardèche:

When time permits we serve meals (and breakfasts)
on our terrace which overlooks the garden.
As you see itwe opted for separate tables which facilitates contact
but also some privacy if you wish.
Even if we don’t have dinner with you, we are
very present at the aperitif and at the end of the meal…

In the evening on the terrace

First here is an overview of the dishes we serve. You should add an aperitif and at the end of the meal coffee, tea or homemade herbal teas.

  • Zucchini timbale with hot goat cheese
    Zucchini timbale with hot goat cheese

Then below you can get a non-exhaustive idea of ​​the starters, main courses and desserts, but it is a unique menu, decided by us!
As for the wines, they all come from the same vineyard “Le Domaine de Vigier”, located north of Vallon pont d’Arc, at the start of the Ibie valley. We of course appreciate the quality of the wines but also above all for the rigorous commitment of the owners to virtuous and reasoned production.

The guest table menus from our Ardèche gîte